3 Interview Mistakes

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3 Interview Mistakes

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Do you come home from interviews time and again thinking how great it all went, and yet no one ever calls to offer you the job? There’s probably a good reason for it. See if one of the reasons below rings true. If so, it’s time to revamp your interview strategies.

1. You Aren’t Dressing the Part

Despite all the advice about how to dress appropriately for an interview, some job candidates continue to show up for interviews dressed like they’re hitting the club afterward. Others pick up a wrinkled suit or dress from the floor and throw it on their backs, arriving in a disheveled mess. Keep your interview attire inside a garment bag where it will remain dust and wrinkle-free until you need it. The gear should represent how you intend to dress if you are hired.

2. You Don’t Speak Well

If you have no trouble getting interviews, but can’t seem to pass an interview. It might be because you look good on paper but don’t speak well in person. If you suspect this is the case, use your phone app to record your speaking voice. Play it back and listen for stumbling over words, lots of ums and ahs, and the enunciation of the words. It’s likely you’ll find room for improvement. Practice your speech at home, and you might just succeed at your next interview.

3. You&’re Always Late

Are you one of those people whose friends always know you’ll be late for everything? Being late doesn’t cut it for job interviews. You can’t blow in off the street even two minutes late for an interview and expect to get hired. Time your arrival for 10 minutes before the interview, and chances are you’ll get there right on the dot.

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