4 Job Interview Tips For 2018

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4 Job Interview Tips For 2018

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You’ve put in the time and effort on your job search, networked, prettied up your CV, went to job fairs, pored over the job listings, and now it’s paying off. You’ve finally got an interview for a position with a company you like, or if you’re lucky maybe several. So it’s time to get ready.

Though job interviews are still much the same as they have always been, new technologies and evolving hiring philosophies have introduced a few changes. Here are four interview tips for the new year.

Job Interview Tips For 2018

  • Research the company. The Internet and social media make it easy to do a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the company you’re targeting. Explore the company’s website and their social media pages, read the bios and press releases, and impress the interviewer with your knowledge of their workplace.

  • Get personal. Interviewers may or may not ask about your personal life, but don’t be afraid to share your experiences if you think they may showcase your strengths, resilience under adversity, or your knowledge and ingenuity. Interviews are much more relaxed than they once were.

  • Practice your pitch. You want to make a good impression, so practice for the interview before you go. Have a friend ask you the basic questions you know an interviewer will ask, or stand in front of a mirror and pretend to be answering them. Pay attention to your facial expressions and your body language while you do, and correct anything you don’t like.

  • Listen well and ask questions. Listening while looking the interviewer in the eye shows that you care about what they are saying and you’re interested. Don’t be afraid to ask pertinent questions, it shows that you’re involved and prepared.

With a little bit of preparation and practice, you’ll be ready to ace your interview in 2018.

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