4 Secrets to Selling Yourself

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4 Secrets to Selling Yourself

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Getting a job is a lot like trying to sell something to someone. In the case of a job, what you’re selling is yourself. As such, you need to treat your job interview as you would a sales meeting. You are the salesperson and the interviewer is the person you want to buy what you’re selling. The following four sales secrets will work wonders at your next interview.

1. Mimic Your Interviewer’s Body Language

Psychologists have long recognized that people tend to think favorably about other people who have the same body language. If your interviewer crosses their legs, you should too, and in the same direction. If they unconsciously touch their hair, do the same. Be very subtle, and move slowly. The effect should be subliminal; not obvious.

2. Start by Finding Out Their Pain Points

Ask about why the job is open to begin with. Let the interviewer tell you about the last person who had the job and why they didn’t work out. Listen as they mention the problems they’ve had since the job’s been unfilled.

3. Explain Your Solution to the Pain Points

Next, speak to the pain points they just mentioned. Explain why you can provide a solution to the problems they told you about. This is the time to mention any previous problems you’ve solved in your prior jobs.

4. Get Them to Take Action on Your Meeting Right Away

At the end of the interview, bring up an action plan. It may be the promise of a phone call to let you know how the search is going, or it could be a tour of the office where you might work. Getting your interviewer to take any sort of action after the meeting makes them unconsciously think they’ve already filled the job–with you.

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