Background Screening

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Background Screening

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Businesses use employment background screening for a number of important reasons. While exact reasons can vary depending upon the job position, there are some elements and motives that are common to most employers:

1. To Verify Application Information

Unfortunately, some applicants lie or exaggerate on their resumes in an effort to get a job. Employment background screening can help businesses to know who they are dealing with and ensure the hiring of a qualified, trustworthy employee.

2. To Reduce the Risk of Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence seems to be on the rise, and employers must work harder to help create a safe place for all workers. Employment background checks can assist the employer in finding out if an applicant has a criminal history of any kind so that they can avoid hiring high risk persons.

3. To Avoid Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

If a worker’s actions end up hurting another worker or a client, the business that hired them will likely be held liable. This looming risk of liability and the potential threat of a lawsuit and financial consequences has made today’s employers more cautious than ever when making hiring decisions. Checking into an applicant’s history can determine if they are just too high a risk and help the employer to avoid negligent hiring litigation. 

4. To Determine if an Applicant Can Work Around Children

Employers are especially careful about screening applicants who will be working with or near children. Any indication of abuse in their past will rule them out for the job.

Needless to say, a history of violence, criminal activity, sexual abuse or lying about one’s past is undesirable in a job applicant. More and more businesses are using employment screening for all of these key reasons, and all applicants should be aware of the possibility of a background check when applying for new positions.

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