Break out of That Rut

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Break out of That Rut

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It’s not like you wouldn’t like you go out to your coworkers to check out that restaurant down the street during your lunch break; you just don’t have time. Your lunch hour, instead of being time dedicated to getting away from the office and refueling with food, is just more time to get that latest project done. Are you known for being chained to your desk all day? It’s time to break out of your lunch rut.

Think outside of the scope of your projects. There are plenty of ways you can spend your lunch hour productively. Are you interested in networking or getting closer with your coworkers? It’s a good idea to go out with them occasionally. You don’t have to make it a weekly thing, but every now and again, when they ask, say yes.

Do you struggle to find time to exercise? Your lunch hour can be a great opportunity to squeeze in some fitness. You may not have time for a full workout at the gym, but you can take a walk around your building or stroll at a nearby park. If you do this often enough and you eat nutritiously, you may just see results.

Getting outside is also good for your mental health. Your body requires vitamin D, which you can get through certain foods. However, you can also get your dosage of this vitamin through natural sunlight. Those overhead florescent lights are only going to make you feel grumpy. Some sunlight will do you good.

Work burnout is a very real phenomenon. When you’re at your desk all day for eight or nine hours daily, working, working, working without breaks (or with short breaks), it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and dissatisfied. Those feelings, if left to grow, will lead to you resenting your job and dreading waking up for work each morning, aka burnout. Getting out of the office can help you remember you have a life outside of the job.

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