Career Change? CV Update

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Career Change? CV Update

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After years of working in one profession, you have decided to make a huge life change and switch to a completely different industry. Your bravery and willingness to chase your dreams is to be applauded, but now, you must make the appropriate preparations to ensure that your career shift does not destroy your chances of landing secure employment. 

Highlight Transferable Skills

Your former position may be absolutely nothing like the type of job you’d like to obtain, but you likely have numerous skills that can benefit you in your new field. Be sure to make note of any transferable skills you’ve gained, either through your education or in your prior positions. Many employers prefer to maintain a diverse talent pool, so they will appreciate seeing your breadth of knowledge and the skills that can be transferred to your new position.

List Recent Academic Achievements

If you have recently completed a certificate program or obtained a new degree, it is important to include this on your CV. If you have little related job experience, place the focus on your recent educational pursuits, including any volunteer experience, internships, or apprenticeships you may have completed.

Emphasize Your Career Goals

Prospective employers will likely be curious about your decision to suddenly change careers. The way you address this curiosity could greatly influence your ability to land a job in your new field. Don’t be afraid to address your big career change and show how passionate you are about the new professional opportunities you are about to pursue.

As you prepare to shift careers, do not hesitate to own where you’ve been and where you’re going. Your CV may look a lot different than those sent out by fellow job hunters in your industry, but with a little strategizing, it can impress employers and land you an amazing job.

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