Confident Self-Marketing

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Confident Self-Marketing

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In today’s job environment, self-marketing has become an almost indispensable skill, necessary to make yourself stand out among the competition. However, self-marketing, for many people, is a foreign and often awkward chore that often gets ignored. The root of our disdain for self-marketing lies in a lack of self-confidence. Here are a few tips to help you improve self-confidence and prepare yourself for self-marketing.

Acknowledge Your Talents

Many people never consciously acknowledge their talents. In our society humility is a virtue, and although humility definitely has its place in our interactions with others and even in the job place, if humility is not balanced with healthy self-confidence it can become a hurdle to our career. If acknowledging your talents feels very uncomfortable, you can do simple exercises to make yourself more comfortable. Write out a list of your talents and skills, and then practice saying them in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable hearing yourself acknowledge your talents.

Talk About Yourself

We all know people who have no problem at all talking about their selves. These people have self-confidence in abundance, however, if you do not feel comfortable talking about yourself, take your next social event, and make yourself talk about you. Pick something positive and then share it with others. It is not necessary to dominate a conversation with talk of yourself, but use these social interactions as times to practice “putting yourself out there.”

Learn About Self Marketing

There are plenty of life coaching websites and self-marketing or “branding” websites available that can help teach you how to put your best self out there for employers to meet. Take some time to look over the articles and tips these sites offer.

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