Creative Jobs That Pay

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Creative Jobs That Pay

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The creative souls make up a large portion of the population. These are people who are highly in touch with their creative sides. Regular nine-to-five jobs typically do not satisfy these persons. However, one of these five great paying jobs may keep them still for quite a while:

Game Designer or Game Tester

Game designers get to work with intricate computer software and create the elements that people find in their favorite video games. The game designer’s job is very private and isolated. Such a person can earn approximately £25,360 per year. Game testers get to play with the games that designers create. They both have rewarding jobs that are excellent for creative souls.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are quite busy creating the latest fashion trends. The job is perfect for them because they love to create new concepts and flatter themselves with the clothing that they design. Designers earn about  £24,990 per year.

Interior Decorator

An interior decorator is a person who helps other people find amazing coordination and style for their homes and offices. Interior designers have amazing customer service skills and a flair for putting things together coherently. Their salary is about £24,143.

Film Director

Film directors get to be the boss, and they bring in a lot of money. The average film director earns about  £48,238 per year.

Courtroom Sketch Artist

A courtroom sketch artist has a nice and cushy part-time job drawing people in court. This person earns about £15.08 per hour doing something that he or she loves.

Any of the above-stated jobs are good for people who have creative souls. They are likely to keep those people happy for years to come. They have varying requirements for entry-level positions, however. The interested person must research to find the requirements.

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