Find a Less Popular Career

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Find a Less Popular Career

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Although still somewhat sluggish, the economy has picked up enough where you can take your time finding jobs and not scrambling for whatever’s available. This year, occupations like a dentist, physician, nurse, information security analyst, software developer, and personal trainer are all huge career paths. However, if all job candidates are attempting to get into these fields, perhaps you want to follow your heart and choose a position that’s a little less in vogue right now. There’s certainly less competition and you’ll feel happier every day when you wake up to go to work since you enjoy what you do. Here are some tips on finding a less popular position.

First, do some thinking and research. Look into this career path, reading up as much as you can about it. Don’t just stop at the Internet, but maybe branch out further to actual books about the field. If you can, find someone who has your dream job title and interview them informally. Ask them what a day in their life looks like and then decide if this is an ideal path for you to continue following. If it is, then reach out to your network and other connections, informing them what kind of job that you’re looking for. Even keep neighbors and family in the loop since you never know who has a friend of a friend that could land you an interview.

If you’re starting over in a totally new field, you do have to be aware that your pay may be lower than it was in your old position. If you had spent time rising through the ranks with your former job but it wasn’t your favourite career path, while that experience and time count, unless it can be applied to your new job, then it’s like starting at the bottom all over again. Think about whether you can afford a pay cut like that. Lastly, work hard and make yourself stand out in a good way. Get to know your coworkers, your manager, and other higher-ups. Work hard and steadily, producing good, consistent results. You’ll make yourself a valuable asset at your new office.

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