Handling Discrimination

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Handling Discrimination

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In an ideal world discrimination would be a thing of the past, and even though we know that discrimination based solely on race or gender is quickly becoming a thing of the past,there are still many ways that individuals can be discriminated against in the hiring process. Understanding how to handle these types of situations during a job search is crucial to getting the job you deserve.

Age Discrimination

One of the most prevalent types of hiring discrimination is based on age. Potential employers fear that older employees will be a liability to their company rather than an asset. One of the best ways to combat this is to make special effort to highlight your qualifications and draw as little attention as possible to your age.

Weight Discrimination

Weight discrimination is also a prevalent problem most especially in regards to businesses which attempt to customize a certain look for their business. This can sometime be seen in clothing stores, restaurants and health and fitness establishments. This can sometimes be counteracted by highlighting how your particular qualities and life experiences can help make the company more approachable to a greater demographic of customers.

Parent Discrimination

Although not as prevalent there are still some types of businesses which frown upon employees which have too many home based obligations as far as their children are concerned. This applies to both men and women. To counteract this type of discrimination it is important to let your potential employer know that you have a strong parenting support system so that your parenting and work will not interfere with one another.

If you feel you have been unfairly discriminated against in the hiring process there are legal actions which can be taken if you can prove the injustice.

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