Job Trends for 2015

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Job Trends for 2015

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With a new year comes changes in the working world. Whether you are out of work and actively seeking employment, just got a new job, or have been with your company for some time, it helps to review these emerging trends for 2015. They can possibly help you find your next job or make your current one even better and more fulfilling.

Mobile Matters

These days, more and more people are accessing the Internet and related information through their smartphones and other mobile devices compared to computers or laptops. This means that a company needs to have a website that looks good for mobile users as well as desktop users in order to have the most success. If you’re into website design, consider asking your company whether its website is mobile-friendly.

People Are Searching More

Everyone wants to feel satisfied in their jobs, but this trend may be increasing in 2015 and beyond. Forbes notes that up to 86 per cent of people who already have a job spend some of their time seeking alternative employment. This may lead to higher employee turnover, which can harm a company but open up roles for employees that want a shot and are willing to stay.

Social Media Is Crucial

Social media sites like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook are not just huge in terms of where you spend your personal time, but they also matter in the workplace as well. The job title social media manager has already begun sprouting up in 2014, so this could become a more widespread career option in 2015 and beyond.

Other Unconventional Jobs Titles Are Increasing

The days of people giving you a weird look if you say you’re a freelance artist or writer are probably almost done. In 2015, with Internet access at an all-time high, these jobs are just going to grow and become more pervasive. Companies may hire out freelancers for short-term assignments or a person may choose to work for themselves with multiple clients. If you’re tired of cubicles and the 9-5 drag, this more unconventional career path could be for you.

Video Incentives Are Becoming More Regular

Before, if you wanted to see the inside of a company’s office, you had to land an interview and physically visit there yourself. This may change in 2015 and beyond. Companies are frequently turning to showcasing videos that display the office culture in a day-in-the-life fashion. This could act as the incentive for people to apply to work with that company.

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