Jobs Trending For 2016

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Jobs Trending For 2016

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Trending jobs are fueled by industry growth and the demand for relevant skills. While not all of these jobs are high-paying, demand and availability will likely be high in the following five areas in the coming months:

1. Medical Administrator

As the population ages, strategies for managing healthcare efficiently will be increasingly in demand. Medical administrators will be required to keep hospitals and clinics running smoothly. These jobs will require system administration, management and communication skills.

2. Hospitality Workers

With the economy recovering, people will have more money for leisure. This in turn will spark growth in the hospitality arena. Jobs like wait staff, service providers, positions in the hotel industry, and jobs directly related to travel will all see a bump. Both entry level and management areas will need staff.

3. Software Developers

As technology grows and expands, the need for qualified staff to create, test, clean up and document software will grow. Software developers, also known as computer and applications programmers, will remain in demand going forward.

4. Data and Network Communications  

As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, more staff will be required to maintain and repair networks and data systems. From the Internet to inter-office intranets to other systems, these networks must be researched, planned, modeled, created and maintained.   

5. Marketing Personnel

As the economy recovers and businesses seek to grow and expand, strategic marketing will be required. Jobs at all levels of the marketing field will be available, including marketing managers. These roles require ascertaining market temperature, demand, customer base trends and current competitors. From there, decisions about pricing strategies, packaging and presentation can be made for optimal consumer response.   

Job demand ebbs and flows across industries in the UK and worldwide. Look for openings in these five areas to increase going forward for 2016 and beyond.


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