Retail During the Holidays

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Retail During the Holidays

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Whether you’ve been hired as a seasonal worker at a retail store over the holidays or you’re a permanent employee gearing up for a busy shopping period, November through January can be rough. The stores will be flooded with customers looking for just the right present for their loved ones. From weekdays to weekends, mornings to evenings, you may always be accommodating customers. If you feel like you can’t catch a break, take a deep breath and read up on these tips for succeeding during the holiday rush.

First, if you’re only a temporary employee, still go into work every single day and do your very best. You never know; if you do exemplary work, you could just be asked to stay on permanently. Make sure that you dress well each day whether you’re a temporary or permanent employee. If you have a company uniform, spruce it up with a holiday pin or hat. You’ll usher in the cheer of the season while also looking like a friendly source of information who customers can easily approach.

Know your products. Depending on the kind of store you work in, you probably can’t possibly learn the entire inventory of items available, but surely you have some hot sellers. These are the items that customers are most likely to gravitate towards. Learn as much about these popular products as possible, including specs, basic functions, and the price. Your knowledge about a certain product could be the difference between a customer buying it or leaving the store and shopping elsewhere.

Once your working hours are over, make sure to take time for you. No matter how well-prepared you are, working in retail during the holidays can be stressful and easily take its toll on anyone. Make sure that you’re eating well, that you get plenty of sleep each night, and that you still take some time out to pursue hobbies and to spend time with your friends and loved ones. This prevents burnout and lets you come into work each day rested and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

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