Retired? Part-Time Jobs

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Retired? Part-Time Jobs

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Many pensioners have found that part-time job opportunities not only provide them with additional income but also enable them to meet new people, hone new skills and enjoy taking on and overcoming new challenges. Following are just some of the many great part-time job opportunities that those who are getting on in years have chosen.

Direct Sales

If there is a particular business whose products and/or services you have enjoyed using, consider distributing catalogues and taking orders. It may take an initial investment of money to get started; even so, such a business can bring in a steady stream of income. Delivering catalogues also gives you the opportunity to get to know the people in your neighbourhood and build new friendships.

Mystery Shopping

Websites such as and offer a plethora of mystery shopping jobs. Such jobs involve buying goods, eating out and/or staying at a hotel and then providing an honest assessment of the goods and/or services provided. You can earn up to £50 per job and even get free meals and/or goods in the process. 

Health and Medicine Part-Time Jobs

Anyone who has a degree and/or experience in the field of health and medicine will find that there are many part-time jobs available in this sector. A recent sampling of part-time health and medicine jobs advertised on Internet job site includes night nursing, at-home carers, healthcare nursing and working as an optical assistant.

If you need extra income and/or are tired of sitting around at home all day, consider these and other part-time employment opportunities to see which one is best for you personally. Working part-time can enable you to earn money and do work you enjoy doing while still having time to rest, relax and enjoy life.

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