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After perfecting your CV, completing the perfect interview and receiving a satisfactory job offer, you have finally settled in at your new workplace. Unfortunately, if you are a customer service representative, you probably do not work nearly as many hours as you would like. For many dedicated employees, the solution to this problem is a continuation of the job hunt, with unsatisfied part-time workers trying — and often failing — to secure additional part-time jobs. Often, these employees fail to realize that their dream full-time jobs are just around the corner; all they need to do is impress their current employers and prove that they are worthy of additional responsibilities. This goal is well within reach — you simply need to follow the steps detailed below:

Take On Shifts Nobody Else Wants

Before requesting a longer workday, it is important to first prove to your employer that you are willing to go above and beyond. Depending on the current industry in which you work, this may mean signing up for less than desirable shifts. It is common for customer service representatives to jockey for "normal" hours, but those willing to take on midnight or weekend shifts may ultimately benefit from the express gratitude of their employers. A willingness to serve as a last-minute substitute for fellow employees can also pay dividends, as it never hurts to have the respect of your coworkers.

Interact With Difficult Clients

Shift management is just one of several means of impressing employers. A willingness to interact with notoriously difficult clients may also prove useful, particularly if you are able to successfully find a solution for these tough customers’ complaints. Your grit and determination will surely be noticed by the higher-ups at your company.

Inquire About Full-Time Positions

Full-time work may not have been available when you initially applied for your job, but that could have since changed. Once you have established a solid reputation in the workplace, do not be afraid to inquire about new opportunities. Even if a job is not available at the moment, your supervisor is likely to remember that you expressed an interest in additional work. If a full-time shift does open up, your name will be first on the list of recommendations.

Don’t Stop Networking

Networking is an essential for landing a job in today’s competitive environment, but it would be foolish to stop connecting with other professionals after securing employment. Interact with a variety of employees at your current workplace and let them know that you are on the hunt for full-time work. Your combination of hard work and camaraderie may lead to a promotion and, more importantly, a full-time job.

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