Tips for Returning Retirees

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Tips for Returning Retirees

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Retirement holds a hallowed place in modern society, but in reality, it’s not for everyone. Whether you’re aching to get out and contribute or simply don’t have the finances for retirement, jumping back into the job market can be a struggle. A LinkedIn profile can help you make the connections necessary to land your job, so keep the following tips in mind as you expand your social media presence:

Acknowledge Gaps in Employment

Whether you’ve been retired for a few months or over a decade, it is imperative that you mention your gap in employment, both online and in interviews. Recruiters will otherwise assume you’re being evasive. Be honest as you explain the time you took off, and be sure to highlight any experiences you’ve had since retiring that could improve your performance on the job. Examples of beneficial experiences could include certification courses or volunteer experience.

Connect With Those You’ve Met Since Retiring

Many retirees boast extensive social circles, but their LinkedIn presence doesn’t always reflect this. New friends made through volunteering, athletics, travel, or church can all prove useful as you embark on the job search. Connect with both professional contacts and newer acquaintances — and be sure to endorse them and keep in touch online.

Get Involved With Groups

LinkedIn has several groups specifically targeted at retirees and older job hunters. These groups can offer a wealth of information and advice, along with valuable employment opportunities. Join multiple groups and get involved with conversations and in-person events — you just might stumble upon your dream job.

Although typically used by professionals in their 30s and 40s, LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable tool for retirees. Any effort you put into your profile will be returned tenfold as you search for a rewarding post-retirement job. 

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