Top 3 Job Prospects in 2017

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Top 3 Job Prospects in 2017

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The job market may be tough but there are a number of industries that are set to offer numerous job opportunities now and in the near future. Following are three careers that are expected to provide good job prospects for college and university graduates.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are tasked with analysing and manipulating data to track company success and provide guidance for future marketing and sales campaigns. They also have the responsibility to keep information secure from hackers and other unauthorized third parties. Those in this profession may be self-employed or employed by a large, medium-sized or even small company. Additionally, numerous data analysts work for businesses that specialize in this field.

Technical Architects

Technical architects handle many managerial responsibilities. They are tasked with identifying a company’s IT needs, creating a plan to meet these needs and then implementing the plan. They also supervise developers, designers and others who are setting up, testing and/or operating a company’s IT systems. Job opportunities are expected to be particularly great in London and South-East UK but the fact is that companies all over the country need the services that only a technical architect can provide. 


Plumbing may not seem to be an exciting job but it does have a lot going for it. Demand is guaranteed to always be there and plumbers can make up to £18 an hour. Plumbers may be self-employed or work for a plumbing company, a construction company, or a heat and gas company. The pay is particularly good in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

It is wise to consider future job prospects when choosing which degree to pursue. While demand is likely to be high in various jobs fields, these professions are considered to be the ones with the best job prospects for the coming year and foreseeable future.

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