Top 5 Hospitality Positions

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Top 5 Hospitality Positions

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Hospitality job openings were up 17% this past January in the UK over the same time last year. Have you considered a job in the hospitality industry? The following are five of the top opportunities in terms of pay, career potential and job satisfaction:

1. Hotel Management

Large hotels require expert management at the helm taking care of operations, customer service and staffing. A degree and industry experience are preferred credentials, and the payoff is an excellent salary and benefits. There are also opportunities for restaurant managers, food and beverage directors, and head of housekeeping.

2. Chef

Professional chefs in four and five-star restaurants receive top pay for their culinary crafts. They also get to be creative in their work in both preparing dishes and dreaming up new menus for top restaurants.

3. Casino Management

There are many facets to running a successful casino, and the management staff sees to it that everything runs smoothly. Opportunities like director of operations, pit boss, slot operations manager and restaurant director are available.
4. Regional Restaurant Management

General and regional restaurant manager positions allow for a respectable salary that doesn’t require too much hands-on kitchen or cleaning work. Instead, restaurant managers oversee operations, hire and train staff, and create sales plans.

5. Corporate Meeting, Event and Travel Planner

Many large companies need help with the organization and booking of company events, meetings and travel. While not directly in the hospitality industry, these positions require related knowledge and experience. In addition to being creatively stimulating, the pay is also highly rewarding.
While many associate the hospitality industry with entry level positions like wait staff and hotel desk clerk, there are opportunities for career advancement and raises. Consider these five exciting and lucrative hospitality industry positions.

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