Top 5 Post-Retirement Jobs

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Top 5 Post-Retirement Jobs

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While most people hope not to have to work after retirement, for some, this is not financially feasible. The following are some of the top after-retirement job ideas for seniors who would like to earn extra money.

1. Teaching

With a lifetime of experience, many retirees are compelled to share their knowledge and wisdom with the next generation. College professor, high school teacher, community college instructor and tutor can all be fulfilling roles and add value to the lives of students. Career and life coaching is another possible teaching role for seniors.

2. Writer

Sharing knowledge and insights through writing books or publications is another possible employment avenue for retirees. The Internet provides many opportunities for sharing wisdom though blogging and writing articles as well. If one isn’t the best writer, a ghost writer can be hired to put ideas into readable form.

3. Arts and Crafts Business

The retirement years are also an opportunity to turn a favourite hobby into a business. Whether you enjoy knitting, quilting, wood working or ceramics, any talent has the potential to become at least a part time business and a labor of love.

4. Consulting

Consulting is really another word for teacher, but it is applied to the business and nonprofit worlds. Retirees who spent decades in a career or industry have much to share with others in the field. This can make them an ideal choice for a business or nonprofit consultant.

5. Residential Building Caretaker

Most larger apartment and condo complexes require the services of a landlord, manager and caretaker. This role is ideal for a senior who is naturally handy around a home and can take care of small repairs as well as effectively outsource larger ones to qualified service providers. In many cases, a free living space on the premises is included as part of the salary benefits.

For many seniors, “retirement” provides an opportunity to do what they really want to do. Consider these five post-retirement jobs to make the most of your golden years.

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