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Side Hustles for Gen Z Job Seekers

It has become apparent that Gen Z is a completely different type of job force than Millennials. Of course, folks were saying that about Millennials a few years ago as well. As part of Gen Z, though, you have a lot of great things going for you.

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Employment Hunter 18 March , 2020

Is Working With Family a Bad Idea?

If you have had a job loss, you could find yourself feeling stuck and desperate for employment. Family work situations can often begin to look very appealing when you are out of work. Many families have worked together for generations and love it.

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Employment Hunter 19 February , 2020

Have You Considered Becoming a Personal Trainer?

Do you love to workout? Is staying healthy important to you? Do you often find yourself helping your friends and families out with their workouts? If this sounds like you, and you are looking for a new job, why not consider becoming a personal trainer? 

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Employment Hunter 20 January , 2020

How to Use Evernote to Keep Your Job Search Organised

It's challenging staying organised in the best scenario, but when you're beating the pavement (or internet) looking for employment, it's even more of an ordeal. If you're job searching, you're outside your normal routine, and it's easy to become scattered.

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Employment Hunter 19 December , 2019

New Year's Resolutions for Job Hunters

Is it looking like the New Year will find you still hunting for a job? That's okay. This is a great time of year to regroup, make new goals and renew your commitment to your career. Here are some New Year's Resolutions you should consider if you'll be looking for a job in 2020. 

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Employment Hunter 21 November , 2019