Career Advice

How to Conduct A Job Search While Still Employed

You've decided to find a different job. The problem is you are already employed. If you have never conducted a job search while currently employed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make this job search successful. 

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Employment Hunter 22 October , 2019

5 Words To Never Use In Your Cover Letter or CV

If you want to have the best odds of success, you should avoid certain key words when applying for a job. Here are five words that are better off not mentioned on your next cover letter or CV.

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Employment Hunter 23 September , 2019

How to Handle More Than One Job Offer

You remember a time not too long ago when you were waiting by the phone hoping for someone to call you for an interview. Now you find yourself in a unique predicament, having not one but two lucrative offers. How do you decide between the two?

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Employment Hunter 28 August , 2019

How to be a Top Performer at Work

If you’re keen to do a good job at work, good on you. But if you’re determined to stand out as a top performer, a little more effort wouldn’t go astray. Here’s how to be a top performer at work.

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Employment Hunter 22 July , 2019

3 Ways to Fight Depression During Your Job Search

Losing a job can be devastating. Feeling down or even a little depressed is natural. However, during a time like this, you must be careful not to let those negative feelings spiral out of control. When this happens, the depression will actually fight against your efforts to find a new job.

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Employment Hunter 21 June , 2019