Career Advice

5 Amazing Perks of Being a Trucker

The trucking industry is in a hiring frenzy, in case you hadn’t noticed from the online job board. There are so many amazing perks of being a trucker. Here are five of them.

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Employment Hunter 18 December , 2022

Making Friends at Work - Dos and Don'ts

Having friends at work can make your workday more enjoyable. But you need to be careful about how you approach making friends at work. If you go about the wrong way, you could jeopardize your career or even alienate the very person with whom you really just wanted to be friends. Here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to making friends at work.

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Employment Hunter 21 December , 2021

Tips For Building a Professional Wardrobe With Little Money

When you get your first professional job, it’s a great first step toward a lucrative and long-lasting career. But in order to establish yourself as a career professional, you need to look the part. Don’t worry about spending money you don’t have just to look good at the office. Here are tips for building your professional wardrobe on a tight budget.

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Employment Hunter 17 November , 2021

New Requirements to Work in Childcare

You may be interested in working in childcare if you're good with children and have kids of your own. However, you need to be aware of the requirements that a prospective employer may have. To be eligible to work with children, you may need to have:

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Employment Hunter 18 October , 2021

How to Become A Human Service Worker

You might be a good fit for human service work if your main goal in life is to help people. The human services realm consists of many subdivisions and jobs. Some of those jobs include social worker jobs, caseworkers, substance abuse counselors, and the like. These are some requirements you need to meet to obtain a job in the human service realm:

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Employment Hunter 22 September , 2021