Career Advice

This One Thing Maybe the Key to Getting Hired

Your interview is all about getting noticed, right? You want the interviewer to remember you positively, long after you’ve gone. When it comes times for the interviewer to make two piles of resumes; one of the rejects and one of the possibles, you want your resume to go into the “good” pile.

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Employment Hunter 18 February , 2021

How to Make Sure You Never Get Hired

Getting hired for a job is a goal that most people have. But if you’re content being out of work, it’s tricky. You need to appear like you’re eager to work for the sake of your friends and family. But you also need to make sure you never get hired. Here’s what to do.

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Employment Hunter 19 January , 2021

3 Positive Aspects of Warehouse Work You Should Consider

Warehouse locations can be wonderful places to work if you know of the benefits they offer. The following are three benefits of working for a warehouse that you might want to consider. Maybe you'll want to explore the field in the future.

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Employment Hunter 21 December , 2020

Is Your Home Office Prepared for Extended Use?

With recent spikes in COVID-19 cases around the world, many organizations and businesses are making the decision to, once again, move to remote workforces.

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Employment Hunter 30 November , 2020

Surviving as an Introvert in a Highly Social Workplace

Being an introvert means so much more than just being shy. In fact, many introverts don't feel they are shy at all. Being introverted really means that social interactions are emotionally draining for you.

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Employment Hunter 26 October , 2020