Career Advice

When to Call it Quits

Sometimes it’s better to quit a job than to stay on out of a sense of loyalty or to ensure you keep getting a weekly paycheck. Ironically, diligent and hardworking employees are the ones most likely to be taken advantage of by employers. Here are examples of when you should call it quits.

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Employment Hunter 20 April , 2019

Using LinkedIn to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Whether you’re looking for the job of your dreams or simply want to take your career to the next level, LinkedIn can be instrumental in helping you accomplish your goals.

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Employment Hunter 20 March , 2019

Budgeting Tricks to Help You During a Job Loss

If you are in between jobs, you no doubt have a lot on your mind. Not least of these will be budgeting concerns. Here are a few tricks you can use during your job loss to help keep your budget afloat.

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Employment Hunter 21 February , 2019

How to Transition from Self-Employment to a Full-Time Job

There are plenty of companies that value the skills formerly self-employed individuals can bring to their workforce. However, it's important to know how to present these skills in the best possible light in order to obtain the job of your choice.

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Employment Hunter 22 January , 2019

How to Resign Without Burning Bridges

It’s perfectly acceptable to resign from your job. The tricky part is ensuring that you don’t burn bridges in the process. You’ll need that reference for many years to come, so it pays to make your exit as graceful as possible. Here are some tips to remember.

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Employment Hunter 19 December , 2018