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3 Ways to Fight Depression During Your Job Search

Losing a job can be devastating. Feeling down or even a little depressed is natural. However, during a time like this, you must be careful not to let those negative feelings spiral out of control. When this happens, the depression will actually fight against your efforts to find a new job. Here are three ways to help yourself fight depression during your job search.

Keep an Abundant Mindset

Our mindset, or attitude, is very crucial to our long term success. If we are not careful, we can easily slip into mindsets that work against our goals. Having an abundant mindset means that you believe there are plenty of jobs available, your best next job is out there, and you will land it. This is the opposite of a scarcity mindset. Scarcity mindset tells you that everyone else has snatched up all the good jobs and you will never find another job you love. Keep your mindset right to keep yourself moving toward your goals.

Get Moving

Getting some physical exercise several times a week is another great way to fight off depression. Exercise releases endorphins which increases serotonin levels. This is literally the natural equivalents of an anti-depressant. In addition, the exercise will help you stay in better shape which also boosts your confidence.

Set Achievable Goals

Setting small achievable goals will help you keep moving in the right direction toward your bigger goals. Achievable goals have a success evaluation which is not based on chance or other circumstances. You cannot control whether or not you land a job today, so setting a goal to have a job by Friday could be setting yourself up for disappointment. But setting a goal of applying for 5 jobs this week is something you can control and achieve. So, set achievable goals to help boost your confidence and to keep moving you in the right direction.

Depression can be a real thing during a job search, and it can really slow down your progress toward your goals. Following these helpful tips can keep you moving in the right direction.

Employment Hunter 21 June , 2019