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5 Words To Never Use In Your Cover Letter or CV

If you want to have the best odds of success, you should avoid certain key words when applying for a job. Here are five words that are better off not mentioned on your next cover letter or CV.


Never use the word unemployed. Recruiters use artificial intelligence to search for keywords and unemployed is often one of the ones they look for. Using the word unemployed makes your application stand out in a negative way.  Even if you were unemployed for a long period of time, there’s no reason to highlight that fact on your cover letter or CV.


If an employer comes across a cover letter saying that you have a big attitude they'll probably see that as a red flag for somebody with issues following directions. It is much better to just say you are a very confident individual. 


When an employer comes across either of these two words they might think one of two things; this candidate is only in it for the money, or we won’t be able to afford them. Avoid mentioning money until it’s time to negotiate your salary.


Don't mention that you’re talkative or that you love to chit chat in the section on your cover letter where you mention personal qualities. Instead, say that you have a welcoming personality. Otherwise, an employer might assume they’ll be dealing with a person who talks when they should be working. 


The word blame should never appear on your CV or cover letter. Blame implies a lack of responsibility for your actions. Don’t talk about being blamed for something you didn’t do at your last job, and don’t talk about blaming others. 

It’s easy to find alternative ways to state what you want to communicate. These particular words should never appear on your cover letter or CV.

Employment Hunter 23 September , 2019