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How to Handle More Than One Job Offer

You remember a time not too long ago when you were waiting by the phone hoping for someone to call you for an interview. Now you find yourself in a unique predicament, having not one but two lucrative offers. How do you decide between the two?

Consider Money

What makes some people choose a job comes down to the paycheck. If there’s a pay discrepancy between the two positions, then you may pick the one that’s willing to offer you more money. Of course, other factors matter besides just money.

Take Benefits into Account

For instance, what kinds of health benefits will you get? If your health insurance supports your spouse or another family member as well, then you can’t just think about yourself. You’ll want to choose the job with the best benefits.

Compare the Staff

You want a job that will make you happy. What kind of vibes do you get off the respective personnel at both companies? Which company do you feel you fit into better in terms of the people and company culture? Liking where you work can make you want to stay longer.

Think Long-Term

Which of the two jobs aligns more closely with your career path? Do you plan on changing careers in the next few years? Of the two jobs, now which one works better for you?

Also, think of what would happen if you stayed with one of the jobs for years. Are there advancement opportunities? Can you get a new title as well as a pay raise? Does the industry have a healthy outlook over the next five or 10 years? These are all important points to think on.


Having your pick between two jobs is both a blessing and a curse. You’re very fortunate, yes, but you also have to do a lot of contemplation to make the right choice. Think beyond just money to advancement opportunities, career progress, company culture, and benefits as well. Good luck!

Employment Hunter 28 August , 2019