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New Year's Resolutions for Job Hunters

Is it looking like the New Year will find you still hunting for a job? That's okay. This is a great time of year to regroup, make new goals and renew your commitment to your career. Here are some New Year's Resolutions you should consider if you'll be looking for a job in 2020. 

Manage Time Wisely

The number one way to increase productivity and reach your goals is time management. Without time management skills your life will feel like chaos. Make a commitment to managing your time this new year. Decide what you want to get accomplished each day and take control of your time. When you take control of your time, you will soon find that you feel more in control of the rest of your life as well. 

Make Friends With Rejection

This may sound like the opposite of helpful, but making friends with rejection is an important step toward success. People who succeed are those who know how to handle rejection. Rejection is a necessary stepping stone on the path to success. Every successful person you know met with rejection along the way. The sooner you make friends with rejection, the quicker you will be able to learn from each negative experience, and then keep moving toward your goal. The rejection will not be the end of your journey. It is just a learning experience along the way. 

Get Healthy

It might seem like everyone is making New Year's Resolutions to get healthy, but this can actually help you in your job search. When you are taking care of your physical body, you are better prepared for the challenges of your life goals. Exercise will help keep your energy up and your mind clear. 

2020 could be your best year yet. Setting goals and resolutions is a great way to get yourself pumped for all the new year has to offer. 

Employment Hunter 21 November , 2019