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Should You Accept a Job You Don't Want?

When you go to an interview, part of that time will be spent telling you more about the company and what the job would entail. While the interviewer is unlikely to actually quote a pay rate, by the end of the interview you’ll have a very good idea of what the job really is.

You may return home with the realization that you don’t really want that particular job. The question is if the company calls you up later and offers you the job, should you accept it anyway?

Times are tough right now. A lot of people are out of work and you may be one of them. Should you take a job because you need the work even if you know you’ll hate it? The answer depends on your financial situation. If you think you can get by with no job for the next six months, then, by all means, turn down the job.

But if you remain unemployed, be aware that you’ll need to explain that gap to any future employers. It’s often best to take a job you don’t want just until you can find one you don’t. A paycheck is better than no paycheck. Besides, you might find that you actually do like the job.

If you accept a job you don’t really want, chances are you won’t be staying there very long. You may even quit within the year, especially if you continue looking for a better job while you’re employed there. Leaving an employer in such a short period of time won’t look great on your C.V. Just be prepared to offer an explanation to anyone who asks!

Employment Hunter 21 July , 2020