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Three Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

Low-stress jobs are the best jobs for you to get if you want to live a peaceful existence in all aspects of your life. You'll want to earn a decent living as well. These are three low-stress jobs you might be happy working:

Night Auditor

A night auditor is someone who might work at a hotel or other type of hospitality establishment. This person keeps an eye on the finances and transactions. There's virtually no stress in the position because there's usually a low number of customers that auditors have to deal with if any. A night auditor can earn as much as £27,000 in the right position.

Unarmed Security Guard

You may be more interested in being an unarmed security guard who checks people into various establishments. Unarmed security personnel can earn as much as £31,000. To be a security guard, you will have to have a clean criminal record. The employer may want you to perform a drug test for the position as well. You can earn a decent amount of money if you are willing to meet those requirements. Your stress levels will be low, as you may not see a consistent number of people entering the event. Therefore, you will probably enjoy your job.

Bank Processor

You could also go for an overnight bank processing job. You might process loans, checks, deposits, or something else. You'll be working hours when the bank is closed, and that experience will be stress-free for you. You might start with an entry-level pay of £18,000, but you can work your way up.

Those are just a few ideas if being stress-free at work is most important to you. Consider those options and then start sending your CV to various places. You're bound to find a good stress-free job very soon.

Employment Hunter 17 August , 2021