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Tips For Building a Professional Wardrobe With Little Money

When you get your first professional job, it’s a great first step toward a lucrative and long-lasting career. But in order to establish yourself as a career professional, you need to look the part. Don’t worry about spending money you don’t have just to look good at the office. Here are tips for building your professional wardrobe on a tight budget.

Start or Join a Clothes Swap Club

Chances are that some of your friends are in the same predicament as you. They need to look expensive on a minimal budget. A clothes swap club is one where women share the best bits in their wardrobe with others in the club. This will give the impression at work that you have a lot more clothes than you actually do. If you can’t find such a club locally, consider starting one up with your friends. Or, try out one of the many clothes swap apps for residents of the U.K.

Make Oxfam Your Friend

Oxfam is the place where the well-heeled shed their barely-used dresses and suits. It’s also the charity shop of choice for most women. Make a point of dropping by your nearest Oxfam on a weekly basis. The best items will go quickly, but the merchandise has a high turnover rate, so you never know when you’ll pick up a beautiful garment that is perfect for the office.

Talk to Ma

As a teen, your mother’s wardrobe probably seemed horrible. But now that you’re in the professional world, you can see the benefit of ma’s old suits and dresses. Raid her closet (with permission, of course!) and see what you can make of things. With a few little updates, it’s likely you’ll come out with something posh.

Once your big paychecks start rolling in, dressing in designer gear won’t be a problem. In the meantime, use these tips, and you’ll blend right in with the best of them!

Employment Hunter 17 November , 2021