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Using LinkedIn to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Whether you’re looking for the job of your dreams or simply want to take your career to the next level, LinkedIn can be instrumental in helping you accomplish your goals. If you don’t believe LinkedIn is an important ally in your job search, think again.

In 2016, more than 20 million UK residents were using LinkedIn, accounting for roughly 33% of the population with most people in the upwardly mobile 25-44 age range. The key question to ask is how you can use LinkedIn to advance your job search efforts. This ideas will help.

Create a Profile that Tells Employers Where You Want to Go. Not Where You’ve Been.

Your profile is the single most important thing on LinkedIn. Whether you contribute articles or join groups, your profile is what headhunters and prospective employers see when they search for candidates. While it’s important to give employers an idea of the skills you have, it’s equally important that you don’t list skills you’d rather move away from within your LinkedIn profile. Focus on skills relevant to the job you want rather than the skills and jobs you wish to leave behind.

Update Your Profile Frequently

Make sure your profile is fresh and current and that you add new accomplishments, skills, and information frequently. Also, don’t neglect the benefit of posting long-form content for the LinkedIn audience in the form of blog posts. They are ideal for catching the eye and gaining attention of recruiters.

Keep your LinkedIn presence positive and upbeat and update it often to make it a magnet for employers seeking candidates that are appealing, motivated, and dedicated in their efforts. It’s your one sure path to the job you want so you can leave behind those that no longer challenge or excite you.

Employment Hunter 20 March , 2019