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What Employers REALLY Want - Skills That Can Land You a Job

When it comes to job hunting, knowing what employers look for can make or break your chances of landing that dream job. But it can be challenging to know where to start or what skills to highlight on your resume that will catch an employer's eye. If you're struggling to figure out how to market yourself and snag a position, don't worry! In this post, we'll dive into the top skills that employers look for in potential employees. So, put on your resume-boosting glasses, and let's get started.

Communication Skills

Strong Communication Skills are crucial in any workplace. Whether it's talking to clients, coworkers, or management, communication is essential. Employers want to hire individuals who can communicate well in both written and verbal forms. They are looking at how effectively you can articulate your thoughts, listen, and respond appropriately. If you have strong communication skills, you can easily convey your ideas and contribute to the success of the organization you're working for. Highlight your communication skills on your resume by mentioning specific instances where you've demonstrated clear communication.

Time Management

Employers value employees who can manage their time well. In the fast-paced work environment, effective time management is crucial to meeting deadlines and achieving goals. The ability to prioritize tasks, manage workload, and meet deadlines shows that you're reliable and a valuable asset. When listing time management skills, mention your efficiency in handling multiple tasks simultaneously and avoiding distractions. Make sure to mention how you organized your schedule, created deadlines, and achieved them.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving skills are valued in many careers. Employers want individuals who can solve complex problems and come up with creative solutions. In a fast-paced work environment, the ability to think and make decisions quickly is highly valued. When showcasing your problem-solving skills, mention specific times when you were able to identify a complicated issue and successfully resolved it. If you can demonstrate how your problem-solving skills directly impacted the success of a project, be sure to mention it.

Technical Skills

If you're applying for jobs that require you to use specialized software, applications, or tools, employers are looking for individuals with technical skills. While some positions don't require technical skills, mentioning them can make you stand out from other applicants. Many companies are embracing the virtual workspace, which means that technology is becoming increasingly necessary for most jobs. Mention relevant technology skills that you've acquired through coursework, certifications, or work experience.


In most workplaces, teamwork is vital to success. Employers are looking for individuals who can work collaboratively with others from different backgrounds, perspectives, and skill levels. The ability to communicate, compromise and work towards achieving a shared goal is essential. When highlighting your teamwork skills, mention your experience working in teams, how you contributed and how the team benefited from your involvement. If you have experience leading teams, mention that as well.

In today's competitive job market, standing out can be a challenge. Knowing the top skills that employers are looking for can significantly improve your chances of landing that dream job. Whether it's communication, time management, problem-solving, technical skills, or teamwork, mentioning these skills on your resume can make a difference. Understanding what employers look for can help you tailor your resume to the job you're applying for. Remember, it's not about having every single skill, but highlighting the ones you excel at and demonstrating how they can contribute to the organization. So, go ahead and use these tips to boost your resume and land that job you've been dreaming of!

Employment Hunter 16 November , 2023